The Chiari Network

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Welcome to The Chiari Network (formerly Western Mass Chiari Network); A global network dedicated to providing online and offline support to patients, their families & their friends. Our organization prides itself in connecting patients so they may share information with others throughout the world. Here we encourage our members to ask questions, tell their stories, and share online and offline resources with other Chiari patients who may be new or continuing to struggle with the condition.

Learning about and understanding Chiari Malformation is difficult enough, never mind trying to find local specialists and support groups. This is where The Chiari Network comes in. This site is designed specifically to assist Chiari patients by providing both online and offline support, educational materials, and member recommended services and providers. Our goal is to provide patients, their friends and family a place to look to for information and first hand accounts, straight from other patients themselves. Next to having a strong medical team to assist you in making the right decisions, it is also important to have access to people like you and the ability to share advice and ideas.

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